Car Maintainanace

Tips on How To Maintain Your New Car

Buying a car is every man’s dream. Lifelong savings, first salary, spectacular lottery win, family travel, passion for cars etc are all contributing reasons for purchasing a brand new car. But the real struggle comes with its long term maintenance. Since cars are expensive machines, one may try to squeeze in as many years as possible after its purchase. Thus in order to ensure a longer and healthy survival of the new car, following are the go-to tips:

  • Ensure routine checkups—

Once you buy a new car, routine checkups are a must in order to ensure a good condition of the car.  Slowly drive the car to the nearest workshop and check everything with the mechanic so as to replace or renew parts and fluids in the vehicle.

  • Monthly car servicing—

The monthly car services are usually provided by the particular car company itself once you cover 3000kms or in some cases 5000kms with the car. The first servicing is typically free of cost and then the ones following up are charged based on the corresponding improvements made to the car.

  • Regularly change oil and fluids—

It is necessary to regularly change engine oil and other fluids of the car for a smooth driving experience. It also delays the wearing out process of car engines.

  • Leave the windshield wipers up when not in use—

An important tip for ensuring longer wiper life is to leave the wiper up in air when not in use. This helps avoid the dust that collects on the wiper blades over repeated use.

  • Check engine heat—

Sensing the engine’s working and the amount of heat it generates directly implies to its healthy or unhealthy state. Thus it is necessary to get the engine heat checked on time with each servicing.

  • Regularly check tire air pressure—

One of the main reasons why tires wear out so easily is the minimal maintenance of it. Not giving the tire and its air pressure enough care results in the damage of the car and braking system in it. Therefore it is of utmost importance to change or check-up tires and the air pressure in it with the help of a mechanic.


  • Start the engine—

When the car is not in use for a very long time, the battery of the car goes low and gets damaged. This usually happens when people go on month long vacations leaving the car idle. Being a machine, it will easily wear out over the zero work. Thus it is important to start the car every once in a while when not in use to charge its battery up.

  • Routine car clean up—

Washing the car and keeping it clean is not only satisfying to us but also to the machine.  While washing the car, all unwanted dust and dirt is cleaned out from its minute corners which ensure stable working.

  • Find a reliable mechanic—

For a good maintenance, it is very important to find a mechanic who connects with the car and routinely tends to its needs.

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